Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage Plan

Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage Plan in 2019


Basically, the Medicare advantage plans are built for the goodwill of the customer. They are helpful to the client in many medical circumstances. But like other policies, the Medicare plans also have their own upsides as well as downsides. The upsides are offer benefits to the client by the plan and the downsides are the cons for the customers. In this article, we discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of the Medicare advantage plans that you have to check before purchasing a Medicare advantage policy for you.

Pros of Medicare Advantage Plan:

  • There are multiple policy options from which we can choose the best fit for our requirement. The policy agent can’t force the client to get any policy. There are several companies offering the same plans and with the same benefits. You can visit the desired company and choose your desired plan.
  • The second pro feature of Medicare advantage plan is that it has a special plan name as plan F. It is the richest plan and helps you to pay 100% of your costs related to Medicare benefits and facilities.
  • Another facility of this policy is that when you get a doctor that accepts these Medicare advantage policies, it will make you free of gatekeeper rules and conditions of HMO. So when you are choosing a doctor or specialist, don’t forget to compare the policies of a doctor. Select the doctor that accepts the Medicare.

Cons of Medicare Advantage Plans:

  • The Medicare advantage policies are more expensive than the formal Medicare supplement plans. They have high rate premium for every month that may be difficult to pay for a person with low income.
  • The decision of choosing a plan is quite difficult because of the large variety of plans to select from. There are many insurance companies that are offering same Medicare advantage plans under the same name. Due to this similarity selecting one company and one plan according to our requirement is a difficult task. In this way, the selection and plan adoption process becomes more time-consuming.
  • The premium is increased every year that means you have to pay more with your growing age.
  • You have to complete all eligibility criteria for having a plan in your older age.


So these are all advantages and disadvantages of the Medicare advantage plans. Check them all for selecting the best plan that is more beneficial for you and has fewer cons.