What you need to know about Blue Cross Medicare Supplement?

Medicare supplement plan is a health care plans introduced under the Medicare to provide more health care options for citizens of the United States. It is operational for certain groups of people; those who have attained 65 years  and have worked for the system and in the process paid into it, those who are young and  have disability, those who have been diagnosed with an End-Stage renal disease or kidney failure.

Supplement plan also called Part C is controlled by private institutions such as; private insurance companies, religious organizations, union and other kinds of private establishments. Part C is a kind of plan that offers many other benefits in addition to those offered by other plans namely; Medical insurance (Part A), Hospital insurance (Part B), Prescription drug coverage (Part D). It covers for your health only if you are eligible to register and also depending on the option you choose.

What you need to know about this plan?

May older adults will enroll in medicare supplement plans in 2019 to avoid high medical bills and to save money.

This Supplement is different from other health plans, because it has its own conditions, which every member should understand and work with. Below are some conditions under which this option works.

    • There has to be a membership of either Part A or Part B, before registering for Part C.
    • For drug coverage, you have to choose an option under this one that has a drug coverage plan.
    • There is continuation in payment for Medicare Part B monthly premium.
    • It is compulsory to be residential in plan’s service area.
    • This Medicare Supplement has a network of doctors, nurses or health specialists with which you have to work with if enrolled.

What else you need to know about it?

Other information you need to know about this one are:

  • In this one, there is need to start using your Medicare Supplement Plan card, instead of using your Medicare card, since health care is now provided by Medicare supplement and not your Traditional Medicare.
  • There may be annual changes and reviewing of the option by the company running it. So. There is need to get acquainted with these yearly changes.
  • There is need to ask your doctors or health care providers if they are in the network of this option, otherwise it will cost you more.
  • You will need to pay additionally for those additional benefits you receive from this plan.