Motorcycle Insurance in Florida

Florida insurance rates for motorcycle are among the lowest in the country, but they’re still higher than rates in other states. Florida motorcycle insurance is a great deal for riders, but it can get expensive if you don’t make smart choices about coverage and deductibles.

Florida’s laws require all drivers to carry liability insurance. The minimum requirement is a $2500 annual limit that can be increased to protect against more than just bodily injury. Personal injury protection, or PIP, is available to cover medical bills and lost wages for passengers in an accident.

You might consider adding more than the minimum amount of PIP to cover medical expenses. If you choose this option, check to see how much your policy covers and how much additional coverage you will need to have to get the full benefit.

Another way to save money on insurance is to pay for your own personal safety measures. For example, an ignition interlock device may reduce your credit limit for your next policy, but you could avoid paying an added premium by installing the device yourself.

Many drivers pay full price for their motorcycle insurance Florida but also consider discounts when renewing policies. Some states allow you to take an extra point off of your insurance rate if you’ve never been cited for speeding or hit and run. You can also apply for a no-fault auto insurance discount that could reduce your monthly premiums by 50 percent.

Motorbike insurance is pricey in Florida because of high rates in surrounding states. You don’t want to lose the competitive advantage of cheap rates in neighboring states, so it’s worth learning about the various plans available in Florida.

If you live in a state with a short commute, a package deal that includes both personal and liability coverage is the best option. But if you like the peace and quiet of the high plains of Florida, you can look into policies that include only liability coverage.

Florida is especially suited for riders who don’t drink and drive and have no previous history of serious crashes. The state has many miles of highways and minor roads, and has some of the toughest regulations regarding the safe driving of motorbikes.

In addition, most large cities have special ordinances requiring larger vehicles to carry liability insurance, which protects the city from lawsuits. Small businesses can choose to get personal insurance with the minimum amount of coverage, which doesn’t include accident coverage.

Florida law requires riders to present their license to police, but riders do not have to show their licenses for insurance companies. The company does not always verify a rider’s identity; in fact, companies often use the name of the rider as their own.

Most insurance companies ask for a basic driver’s license, but they don’t accept Social Security cards, passports, or military IDs. For those who are over the age of 18, it is illegal to drive without insurance, and it is illegal to drive without having a valid license.

You can save money on insurance rates in Florida by choosing the right policy. Before choosing a policy, check to see what kind of coverage you’ll need, and how much you’ll have to pay, as well as learn about any discounts offered.