Know about Aetna medicare advantage and more

Aetna is known to be such a reputed American health insurance company which was founded in 1853. Aetna medicare advantage is considered to be one of the most popular and beneficial insurance services in the United States.

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More on Aetna medicare advantage

Aetna medicare advantage plan is likely to provide senior people with different useful Medicare coverage that will cater to their diverse needs. It is also considered as one of the effective alternative ways to avail the benefits of original Medicare plan.

As per the Aetna medicare advantage plan is supposed to cover anything and everything that are included in the Medicare Part A and B, only with the exception in hospice care. Hospice care is known to be covered under the Part A of federal program. On the other hand, there are some other Aetna advantage plans that offer exciting additional benefits like routine hearing care, dental care, vision care and prescription drug coverage.

For each state, there is supposed to be a different Aetna medicare advantage plan. Therefore, you are only eligible to avail a specific advantage plan depending on the state you live in. Each of these plans generally comes with different premiums as well as different benefits. Nevertheless, the basic benefits are same for all the advantage plans out there.

Types of Aetna medicare advantage plan

There are different kinds and types of Aetna medicare advantage plans available. Some of these kinds are described below.

  • HMO: Aetna Medicare Advantage Health Maintenance Organization plan is likely to have comparatively lower costs than the other similar plans since it uses a contracted provider network for keeping the expenses quite low.


  • HMO-POS: HMO Point of Service is nothing but some kind of variation on straight HMO model. In this plan, you are supposed to get some specific approved services outside plan’s provider network. In this case, the out-of-the-pocket cost is likely to be quite higher for these kinds of services.


  • PPO: Aetna Medicare Advantage Preferred Provider Organization plans are there to provide you with the flexibility to select any hospital or doctor according to your choice and wish. In this plan, you do not have to select any primary care provider. Moreover, you are not required to have any kind of referral from your doctor. This plan is supposed to give you coverage for the prescription drug. Services like dental, vision are also covered by this advantage plan unlike similar other service out there.